I’m on a mission to help YOU transform into your SUPERIOR SELF

If you made it to this page you know that your success and happiness starts with your health…but you also have some questions about how all the dots connect.

  • How can I maximize my fitness results without living in the gym?
  • How do I easily maintain good nutrition with my hectic work and travel schedule?
  • How can I keep my energy and motivation levels sky-high?
  • How do I beat the “aging process”?
  • How can I keep a better balance between time for me, my family, and my work?
  • How can I reduce my stress and lead a happier life?

If you’ve been asking yourself ANY of these questions, you’ve landed in the right place.

Like most people, I have wrestled with these issues and have spent over a decade looking for the answers.  Through it all, I made mistakes, wasted time, energy, and money.  In the end, I came to find the information and strategies that have allowed me live a life of amazing health.  Now, I am dedicated to coaching other self-driven individuals to avoid time-wasting mistakes and take control of their health.


A strong and supple body.  A calm and focused mind.  An invincible spirit.  

Every elite athlete knows that a good coach is vital to success.  Your desire may set the foundation, but this alone isn’t enough.  To reach your potential, you need the guidance, support, and accountability of a skilled professional.  Someone who will help you define the path and walk with you in your journey.

My coaching is focused on empowering YOU to take control of your health and become superior.

Having been to the extremes, I know that balance is the key to superior health.  

Many years ago, I was partying all the time. My energy would rise and plummet like a rollercoaster.  I was insecure, aimless, and unhealthy.  Fast forward a few years later, I was addicted to working out, a slave to my diet, and still plagued by my insecurities. I had the appearance of health, but was way out of balance.

With time and the help of several great coaches, I was able to find my way to balance – a life defined by high energy, focus, and connection to my deepest values. And now the next phase in my journey is to help you reach the next level.  My coaching system will help you identify what’s most important in your life and develop the strategies to live it.

Are you ready to transform into you SUPERIOR SELF?